History and Origins of Your Favorite Winter Hero

Santa Claus is a figure that will always remain in the minds of kids. It becomes more popular when it is Christmas. In developing countries, they simply refer to him as Father Christmas. Some even believe that it is just a myth. Whatever you believe, this article will be helping you understand how the name came to be.

This is the part where you know the supposed origin of the name Santa. There was a man named Saint Nicholas. He was a bishop in a place called Myra (now referred to as turkey). He was particularly rich. His parents had died when he was a very young boy. As such, they left him so much money that he had more than enough to spare.

Apart from the fact that he was rich, he also had a striking feature, he was very kind. Too kind as a human. He was known to have helped so many people. He even went to the extent of helping people in secret. He was truly a just man.

Another version of the Saint Nicholas story is that he happened to have helped a man who had three daughters. The daughters were about to get married, but they did not have enough money to afford the dowry. Hence, Saint Nicholas went up to their chimney at midnight and dropped a huge amount of money for them. He did it for the first and second daughter before he was eventually discovered by the father. He simply begged that no one else should know.

There are so many stories about the Santa figure, and nobody actually knows for sure how the name came to be. However, the majority of the stories seem to be centered on Saint Nicholas.

Mind you, these are just legends about the man Saint Nicholas. No one knows for sure what really happened.

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