Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

You may be astonished to discover that the number of people who know the history of Christmas is not the same as those who actually celebrate it. Celebrating Christmas alone is not bad, but knowing a thing or two about it will make your celebration much better.

Hence, this article will be drilling down on the history of Christmas. By the time you are done reading this write-up, you will be able to know better about what Christmas is all about.

Origin of Christmas

Christmas has become a worldwide commercial and a cultural phenomenon as well as a sacred religious holiday. For a very long time, people in the world have observed Christmas with practices and traditions that are both secular and religious in their nature.


Christians celebrate Christmas as the birth of their Lord Jesus Christ. He was regarded as a spiritual leader whose teachings actually form the basis of Christianity. Most of the common practices associated with the period of Christmas are a gift exchange, Christmas tree decoration, going to church services, sharing food among loved ones and heralding the arrival of Santa Claus. This is some of the things that are mostly practiced during this period.

Christmas never actually started out as a Christian celebration. What they normally celebrated was the birth of Jesus which was known as Easter.

Ancient History

Christmas is normally celebrated around the middle of winter. Well, this period has always been for celebrations in most parts of the world. Even before Jesus came, the Europeans have been known to carry out a special celebration during this time. It is called the celebration of light and birth.

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

Most folks just join in the euphoria without trying to identify the reason why they do what they do. This section of the article will be pointing out why people celebrate Christmas.

Like it has been stated above, Christians celebrate purely for religious reasons. It is meant to commemorate the birth of Christ. This does not mean Christ was born on 25th of December. While that happens to be the view of the Christians the non-Christians celebrate it for the fun of it. They regard it as a moment of showing love to one another. This is a culture that brings different parts of the world together because the 25th of December has now come to be recognized as a national holiday in most parts of the world.

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