5 Unknown Facts About Santa

It is highly unlikely that there is someone in our today’s world who has never heard about the legend of Santa Claus. However, even if you have heard about this figure, what do you really know about him?

This article will be throwing some more lights on the legendary figure, Santa Claus. In other words, you are about to learn 5 interesting facts about the Santa Claus that you probably never knew.

Fact 1

Santa Claus was a name that originated from France. The name was coined from Saint Nicolas. He was the bishop of Myra. He simply had an incurable desire to give.

Fact 2

Santa is now associated with one color in recent time: red, but did you know that Santa actually started with green clothes. The red color only became dominant after Coca-Cola did an advert with it.

Fact 3

There are different ways of referring to Santa Claus around the world. Some refer to him as Saint Nicholas, some other call him Black Peter and so on.

Fact 4

Did you know that Santa was unmarried until about the year 1849? This was the year he met someone.

Fact 5

Coca-Cola became the first company to do an official advert with the image of the legendary figure.

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