3 Great Movies about Christmas

This post will be centered on three great movies that have made the hall of fame as it regards the celebration of Christmas. If you have never seen any of these movies then you actually did miss a lot during your Christmas days. However, there is always one more Christmas, and you can always keep yourself company with any of these great movies.

Elf 2003

Are you up for some very good comedy? This movie will make you laugh some stress out of your guts. The whole story is just about a grown up man who was dressed as an elf. At that moment he was trying to whisper something to a store Santa. It is a nice movie for Christmas any time any day.

The Bishop’s Wife

There is no better way to start your Christmas than to activate it with this movie. It is a comedy that quickly won the hearts and minds of so many people the moment it was released. If you want some real classic movie to get you relaxed on this day, then the bishop’s wife can be a very good option.

Home Alone

Home alone was a movie that rocked the world of so many. The Kelvin character was so much loved by children. It is hard to think of any movie that people around the world always reserved for Christmas like Home alone. It was a movie that kept families happy during those days of Christmas. Even those in the third world countries equally fell in love with this movie.

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