or The Fright Before Christmas

About The Book

A Visit From Santa Clops or The Fright Before Christmas is a monstrous take on the holiday classic The Night Before Christmas . In this new adaptation, Santa Clops, the beastly one-eyed cousin of Kris Kringle, stops by a slumbering family's house on Christmas Eve to put some coal in the stockings of the children that live there. At Assignmentgeek.com your assignment will be perfectly completed

The startled father must confront the ogre on behalf of his kids whom he knows were nice and not naughty. The result is a new holiday classic. If you want your essay written, visit weeklyessay.

About The Author

Gig Wailgum created Santa Clops over 20 years ago while in the Masters of Illustration program at the School at the Visual Arts in New York City.

He has drawn Santa Clops for newspaper covers, greeting cards, art galleries and comics. When Gig is not drawing or writing stories about one-eyed Santas he is often coaching his son's sports teams. Mr. Wailgum lives in Connecticut. With Ewritingservice.com students never worry about essay writing